Early version of my chapbook is live!

Exciting news! I’ve been toiling away on these poems now for years, and thanks to my patrons, I sat down earlier this year and realized I had enough work to publish as a chapbook.

Now, a chapbook is a bit smaller than a regular, full-length book of poems, but it’s how many poets get started.

To celebrate, and to help get me to my next goal of publishing the chapbook, I’ve created a download of some of my best poems, and my patrons’ favorites.

You can access this ebook from my website for $8 (I couldn’t really give these poems away for free, since most of my patrons have paid at least $50 for access to these poems, and again, it’s kind of a fundraiser to publish my chapbook).

You can also head over to Patreon to become a sustaining member, get your name on the dedication page of my book, plus learn a bit more about why I write, what I have planned for the next months and coming year, and be the first to know about everything I’m doing and get special offers for patrons only. (After becoming a patron, you can always change your contribution as you need. [*Pst! This is also the best deal of the two. Just sayin’.])

Thank you so much for being here, and I can’t wait to share more with you soon.

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